【Reservable during Jul.-Aug.】Breathe TOKYO_Yamanashi Yatsugatake Organic JAS Farm x Fine Camping 2019:FARM & LOCAL


*The content in this video is based on 2018. Please check the actual post for this year’s activities.

This summer,
reserve your family an organic farm fine camping experience like no other.

“We live in the city. For my children, this is the first time for them to know where do vegetables come from.”
“This is my first time trying venison, fruit corn and Tamago kake gohan(raw egg with rice) , all of them are surprisingly delicious!”
“Buckwheat noodles (soba) making workshop is absolutely a fun and precious memory for me.”
“Thanks for the warmness and sincerity of staffs & the owner of the farm, it really makes our journey into an unforgettable one.”

Above are the voices from campers who’ve joined us in 2018.

Two naughty little boys K kun & A kun amazed their parents by sharing and observing insects together, which shows their learning and tenderness of heart.

F chan&J kun showed us in their deeds – the farmland is not for dirting your shoes, but going barefoot!

Breathe TOKYO introduces Japan local experiences of SPORTS & FOOD & CULTURE to friends from Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Chinese-speaking communities.

In 2018, we’ve visited a lot of organic farms in Taiwan,
and found that most of them start organic farming for food safety and health.
On the other hand, farmers in Japan do it for the sustainability of  environment and the preservation of culture.

Through this camping experience, we hope to open a new perspective to let you enjoy and learn more about the living environment and the lifestyle here.

For 2019’s camp, we extend the most popular part of 2018’s, and set “FARM & LOCAL” as our topic of this summer. Come and enjoy the best of camping with Breathe TOKYO, and the masters from different fields in the organic farm surrounded by glorious mountain views.

Follow the master of independent research here. Open your five senses and feel the nature in a brand new way!


▲ Master of independent research in Yatsugatake


Mr. INOUE, a skateboard lover, is also an enthusiastic “Organic Agriculture Preacher”. His interest in agriculture has been evoked after a trip to Oregon (USA) during his high school period.

Afterward, he devoted himself to the operation of Organic JAS farm, and moved from Saitama to Hokuto, the place where “INOUE Farm” is located now.

Every year, more than 1,000 of students visits “INOUE Farm” for field trip and agriculture experiences. He gets along well with kids so easily that people always see him as “the king of children”.

For our 3 Days 2 Nights camp, Mr. INOUE prepared a currently fallow onion field as our campsite, which will be a perfect place for the independent research for both adult & child.

井上農場 キャンプ_171003_0099

Take a wonderful journey in the most desirable city to live in Japan!

Only 2 hours train ride from Shinjuku, Hokuto in Yamanashi prefecture nestled in the highland at over 1,200m in elevation with views of Yatsugatake Mountains, Minami Alps and Fuji Mountain. It used to be one of the most famous summer resorts to escape from the summer heat in Japan.

In 2018, blessed with the majestic mountain scenery, mineral-rich mountain spring water and the good surroundings of it, Hokuto is voted as the most desirable city to live in Japan. These years, numerous Japanese youth also move back/migrate to here.

◇ What is independent research? ◇

During summer vacation, Japanese students in Elementary and Junior High Schools need to complete an independent research assignment before the semester starts. Students are free to choose any kind of research topics in any field. For example, observing plant growth while going back to the countryside, making a drawing diary of summer tour, or starting an investigation of the everyday life.

They discover and note down the findings, and make it into a report to present in class.

Without the restrictions from school, Breathe TOKYO believes it will not only be a great summertime with kids, but also a refreshing exploration time for adult.

◇ Taste the Terroir with Japan Artisans ◇

Terroir (テロワール・風土) , a term you may have heard used by someone tasting wine. It means the set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat.

In Hokuto city, the blessed place with the largest production volume of mineral water and the longest hours of sunlight in Japan — You can enjoy the vegetables/fruits grown by Organic JAS Farm, the craft beer brewed by local Micro-Brewery, and the perfect combination of French and Japanese fusion cuisine made by high quality selections of organic local foods/game.

Open your five senses, and take on a gastronomic adventure with us!


What else do we feature?


▲One of the rarest in Japan_Organic JAS Farm harvest experience

Hands-on harvest experiences in Organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Farm, which only 0.2 percent of total farmers in Japan have acquired the certification.

Seeding, driving Farm Tractor, Harvesting and eating it raw…Let’s discover the unknown world of fresh organic crops, and absorb the knowledge and nutrition of it through experiential learning!

▲ Capturing the colors of nature_Hand drawn cards workshop

Put down your phone, tablet or game console. Open your five senses and immerse yourself in nature.

Paint down the colors and shapes you perceive from the surroundings, and make it a one-of-the kind card that record this special experiences and feelings. Then send it back to your house or to your beloved one, as it’s one of the best souvenirs during these three days.


▲ Taste the Finest_French Starry Night Outdoor Dining

This time, we are honored to have Suzuki Shinsaku with us, a experienced chef who had been working with the “French cuisine genius” : Ueki Masahito for long years.

Let’s enjoy the perfect combination of French and Japanese fusion cuisine, and have a feast on those high quality selections of organic local foods under starry sky.


Suzuki Shinsaku Chef 

For fresher ingredients, he uproots his family and restaurant “Aitoibukuro” from Tokyo to Hokuto, and renovates a 170 years old traditional house into a fusion style French restaurant. 

The dishes use Yatsugatake seasonal ingredients and the mineral water from Hokuto, which is considered one of Japan's 100 most exceptional sources of water. He learned the skills of picking fungi, mountain vegetables and hunting sweetfish from the farmers and hunters in Yatsugatake, and he even obtained a hunting license because of this. 

With a thankful heart to nature and a playful mind to discover the possibility of food, he will definitely pamper your taste buds with the best of the best.


Further introduction about Aitoibukuro:

Yatsugatake Brewery field trip

Yamanashi Yatsugatake is blessed with mineral-rich mountain spring water. By taking the advantage of it, excellent beer, rice and environment here are also well known in Japan. However, what is the exact process and secret of making an excellent beer?

This time, we are heading to UCHU Beer, a Micro-Brewery, which has becoming a mainstream in Japan nowadays.

During the tour, we are able to hear the sharing of how these “Uchu(Universe) farmer” start from zero, to know what’s the struggle and the key from cultivating hops to establishing a brewery, and of course, to enjoy the unique beer of Yamanashi Yatsugatake brewed by them!


▲ Japanese food education_Buckwheat noodles (soba) making workshop

In Buckwheat noodles (soba) Dojo, these experienced soba masters make soba from growing buckwheat to rolling dough everyday. And now, it is your turn to be trained!

From mixing, rolling to cutting, parents and children can experience the whole process of soba making. Throughout the experience, you can learned the key of thankfulness to nature, the attitude of Japanese “Syokunin”, and for sure the satisfaction of enjoying your hand-made soba with delicious fried tempura.


▲ No more worrying about transportation and gear 

When it comes to Camping, the preparation and the setting of it always takes a lot of efforts, not to mention how exhausted it is when you need to pack them all back.

But join Breathe TOKYO camp, you don’t need to rough it anymore. All you need to do is to prepare your personal belonging, and come to meet up with us at JR Kobuchizawa Station.

Not only the transportation from station to campsite, but everything you need for camping during this 3 Days 2 Nights will be all set for you to put your feet up.


▲ No more worrying about language boundary

Mr. INOUE, the master of independent research in Yatsugatake, will lead everyone to discover the natural surrounding in INOUE Farm. Our experienced camp helper will also help on translation and accompany every camper during these 3 days.

For meals, we provide finger licking camping dishes in the use of Hokuto Yatsugatake local ingredients. At night, Shinsaku Suzuki Chef will also pamper us with French Starry Night Outdoor Dining at our campsite.


▲ Local cultural experience: Refresh yourself in Onsen

Before dinner, your will have time to wash out all the tiredness in Japanese Onsen.

Let’s elevate normal bathing into a enjoyable cultural relaxation!


Are you getting excited?

Breathe TOKYO Yamanashi Yatsugatake Organic Farm Camp 2019_Independent research experience for adult & child – FARM & LOCAL

Availability for camping tour between July and August 2019:

SESSION 1 (Every Monday to Wednesday)  or SESSION 2  (Every Friday to Sunday)

【Availability in July】
7/01-03(Mon.-Wed.) | 7/05-07(Fri.-Sun.) | 7/08-10(Mon.-Wed.)
7/12-14(Fri.-Sun.) | 7/15-7/17(Mon.-Wed.)| 7/19-21(Fri.-Sun.) | 7/22-24(Mon.-Wed.)
7/26-28(Fri.-Sun.) | 7/29-7/31(Mon.-Wed.)

【Availability in August】
8/02-04(Fri.-Sun.) | 8/05-07(Mon.-Wed.) | 8/09-11(Fri.-Sun.)
8/12-14(Mon.-Wed.) | 8/16-18(Fri.-Sun.) | 8/19-21(Mon.-Wed.)
8/23-25(Fri.-Sun.) | 8/26-28(Mon.-Wed.) |

Meeting point: JR Kobuchizawa Station (11:20)
Dismissing point: JR Kobuchizawa Station
《 Price 
・Adult(age over 13):75,000 JPY/ person (tax included)
・Children(age 3~12):65,000 JPY/ person (tax included)
・Infants(age 1~2):50,000 JPY/ person (tax included)

* For safety concern, children under 3 years old are not recommended to participate.

The camp will be hosted under a completely natural environment. For those who bring infants and children between 1~3 years old, please take care of them and keep them safe during the camp.

Camp departure with minimum 8 peopl(4 adults needed) ; Group (of 16 or more) may have private reservation.

If your group is less than 8 people in total, please contact us for group combination.

Due to the limited availability of each session, please contact us for reservation in advanced.

※ Attention:
Minimum number of people required for booking is 8 with at least 4 adults in a group.
For the convenience of other campers, if your group is combining with others, please do not cancel or reschedule the reservation in the last minutes after payment.


《 The fees include 》

• 6 meals(Day1-lunch and dinner,Day2-breakfast, lunch and dinner, Day3- breakfast)
• Camping basic equipment(Luxurious tents, sleeping bag, living room, sofa, table, hammock, cooking area)
• Breathe TOKYO cultural events
• Chinese translation
• Parking lot
• Onsen (Hot spring) ticket
• Free Chauffeur service (from campsite to onsen)
• Cleaning fee
• Tax

《 The fees does not include 》

• Transportation to and from JR Kobuchizawa Station (meeting point & dismissing point)
• Alcoholic beverages
• Personal towels (for onsen)
• Personal consumption
• Rain gear
• Warm clothing(Temperature changes greatly between day and night)
• Air tickets to Japan
• Transportation, meals and accommodation before or after camp

《 How to register 》

Click on“Start planning” at the end of the page.
If children are participating, please specify their age.
Please choose the camp session you wish to start: Session 1 or Session 2.
After submitting the form, we will contact you via email (info@breathetokyo.jp) for scheduling and further information.

Reservation will be made successfully only after payment is confirmed.

Once payment is received, we will confirm the reservation and provide you further information through the same email titled “Payment confirmation”.

《 How to pay 

We will send out online invoice by “square” system after receiving camper name list. Reservation shall become valid on payment of the deposit: 50% of the total amount. Please follow the steps written in the link to make the payment by credit card.

《 Cancelation policy

In concern of the  preparation and the cost, cancelation is not accepted for in general.However, in case of change of accommodation, terms of cancellation are as follows:

| For group more than 8 or 16 |

Cancelation fee
~ 60 days before session commencement     10% of total fees
59~30 days before session commencement    30% of total fees
29~14 days before session commencement    50% of total fees
13~0 days before session commencement   100% of total fees
No-show without cancellation 100% of total fees

For group less than 8 and needed to do alternative session arrangement with another group |

Cancelation fee
~ 60 days before session commencement       20% of total fees
59~30 days before session commencement     40% of total fees
29~14 days before session commencement     60% of total fees
13~0 days before session commencement     100% of total fees
No-show without cancelation 100% of total fees

* If your group is required to combine with others in order to make the session possible, for the convenience of other participants, please do not cancel or reschedule the reservation in the last minute after the payment.


* In case of thunder, strong winds, earthquakes, typhoons and other force majeure factors, the camping tour will be terminated due to safety concerns. In that case, we will contact you at 12:00 noon the latest before the day of camping.

* Participant is liable for the refund administration fee (5% of the payment we’ve received) upon cancellation.

《 Campsite Facilities 

【About Tents】

・ Luxurious SIBLEY Bell tent:5m in diameter
・ Belgium Canvas Camp StarShade
・ Double-size air mattress
・ German-made cotton hammock (to enjoy private leisure time in the tent)
・ Due to limited number of tent, we will arrange 4 people in 1 tent with 2 Double sized air mattresses

※ If 1 tent for 2 people is requested, an additional cost of 15,000JPY (tax included) will be charged for each person.
※If 1 tent for 1 people is requested, additional cost of 30,000JPY (tax included) will be charged for each person.

螢幕快照 2018-06-11 下午2.40.46

【About facility】
・Toilet: Nearby camping area. Separate for men and women (one each).
・WiFi:Not providing
・Power supply:Extension chord is provided (please take turn to use it as numbers of socket and output voltage are limited)

◆◆◆ Precautions of camping ◆◆◆

【 Camp Policies & Procedures 

  • If participants are less than 8 people in a session, we will send out canceling notification through email 5 days before the session starts.
  • Participants must be over 3 years old. For saftey reasons, we do not recommend infant child who is under 3 years old to participate.
  • The camp will be held in a completely natural environment. For those who bring infants and children between 1~3 years old, please take full responsibility in ensuring their safety during the period of camping.The registration fee for infant between 1 to under 3 years old is 50,000 JPY / person.
  • Parents should always be with their children to avoid possible dangers or being bitten by insects or animals. It’s also a good chance to deepen the parent-child relationship.
  • Participant who should avoid intensive activities or who has medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, pregnancy are not recommended to attend.
  • To help us with preparation of food ingredients, any dietary restrictions or food allergies must be informed in advance. Vegan diet is not provided at the camp. However, we can do some slight adjustment on site.
  • The picture is for reference only, the ingredients change in accordance with the season.
  • Due to the great temperature difference between day and night in the mountain, please bring warm clothes with you. (Campground is at around 1,100 ft in elevation, therefore the temperature will be 5~10 degrees lower than predicted by weather forecast)
  • Please wear running shoes or flats to prevent slipping or tripping in the campsite.
  • Insects are common in our campsite of Mt.Fuji. Please bring anti-itch cream and other medication according to personal condition.
  • Please bring sunscreen and other personal care product to prevent sunburn.
  • The legal drinking age in Japan is 20, every participant should abide by the law. We reserve the right to terminate legal offender’s participation.
  • Besides all of the above-mentioned examples, if participant disregards repeated warnings from our staff and continued reckless act and violating rules and regulation, we reserve the right to terminate one’s participation without refund.
  •  Please note that schedules, activities and meals are subjected to change or cancel without prior notice due to inclement weather and/or other unexpected incidents happening at the campsite. In that case, fees are unfortunately non-refundable.
  •  BreatheTOKYO reserves the right of cancelation if the campsite has been damaged by force majeure (including typhoon, earthquake, storm or other natural disaster).
  • In case of strong wind, typhoon and torrential rain, BreatheTOKYO will cancel the tour based on the location of the camping site.
  •  No fireworks or any other kind of fire ignition activities allowed in campsite. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only.
  •  No cats, dogs or other pet allowed, except guide dogs.
  •  Participant is liable to compensate for any damage caused by deliberate, negligent or reckless act to facilities or properties of campsite. Representative of the group shall take several and joint liabilities with participants.
  •  Once the reservation is succeeded, it will be non-endorsable, non-transferable and forbidden for any other profitable behavior. We reserve the right of terminating the agreement and  forfeiture of deposits if the above occasion occurs.
  • Applicant will be the representative of the reservation group, and is mainly in charge of the communication with BreatheTOKYO. If the representative does not check-in on the first day of camping, we will follow the rules above.
  • To ensure the rights and safety of participant, visitor without been registered are not allowed to participate.
  • BreatheTOKYO is entitled to refuse or suspend any media interview shooting, aerial shooting or any social media post on print or internet without approval.
  • We reserve the right to modify, to suspend, and/or to withdraw any violator’s right of registeration and participation in the future.
  • If there’s any unaccomplished matter in this application policies, we reserve the right to modify, to insert, and/or to withdraw any part of the rules specified herein.
  • The sockets in campsite are only compatible for electronic equipments such as cellphone, laptop, camera, WIFI router, handheld game console or portable charger. Please inform us if there is equipment other than above mentioned needed to be charged, otherwise participant shall pay compensation for any damage resulted from the accident occurred by it.

【 Etiquette in tent 】

  • Please take off your shoes before entering the tent and put them on the shoe rack inside the tent.
  • Please keep the tent well-ventilated and avoid any fire ignition activities.
  • Every tent have soft drinks like water and juice. Please feel free to let us know if you need any supplies.
  •  For the comfort of next participant, please put your garbage in the trash can inside your tent. If the waste or trash gives off bad odor, please put them in the garbage bag and throw it into the trash can outside the tent.
  •  Please feel free to ask us if there is any question about the usage of sleeping bag.
  •  In rainy days, please place your items in the middle of the tent to avoid your belongings getting wet from rain and condensation.
  •  If the tents or sleeping bags are defaced resulted from participant’s action (for example, spilling drinks, vomiting or stains), the cost for cleaning (according to the dirtiness) or new replacement shall be incurred to participants in the tent.
  •  If the furniture or bedding are damaged or lost by participant, he/she will be obligated to pay compensation according to the cost of the new replacement.

Q and A ◆◆◆

【 Transportation 】

*Meeting point: JR Kobuchizawa Station (11:20)
*Dismissing point: JR Kobuchizawa Station

From Tokyo to meeting point:
It will takes 130 minutes by taking JR-Super Azusa(あずさ号)(to Matsumoto) from JR
Shinjuku Station to JR Kobuchizawa Station.



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